How to play Toto 6D

What is Toto 6D?

Sports Toto or typically known as Toto 4D game plays the same as Magnum 4D and Da Ma Cai. However, toto 6d is a game which is different from the others such as toto 4d and 5d.

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Toto 6d betting method

Winners who won the first place prize for 6D is RM100,000 and first prize for 5D is RM15,000. In the event that the last 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 5D number (or the last 5, 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 6D number) coordinate the principal prize number, regardless you get a prize.


Toto 6D Prize Structure:

First Prize : 6 digits drawn as 1st Prize RM100,000
Second Prize : First 5 or last 5 digits of 1st Prize RM3,000
Third Prize : First 4 or last 4 digits of 1st Prize RM300
Fourth Prize : First 3 or last 3 digits of 1st Prize RM30
Fifth Prize : First 2 or last 2 digits of 1st Prize RM4

If you want to win more, you have to bet higher.

For example,

Betting AmountPrize (as in first prize only)