How To Play

Everything You Need to Know About 4D Game

Let’s get one thing straight, the D in 4D stands for digits. The 4D game is quite easy to play, and this game of chance is entirely dependent on your luck. The rules of playing the game are simple. To play the game, all you have to do is:

  • You will need to choose a combination of 4 digits out of 10,000 numbers, which can consist of any numbers such as 0138, 1012, 4318, 7766 or 9991.
  • After this, you will need to choose whether you would like to play in the big or small forecast. You have the option of playing for both as well.
  • List how much you would like to bet in your chosen forecast; your minimum bet will be RM1 for either projection.
  • Once the winning numbers have been announced, check whether your chosen numbers match them or not.

Types of Bets

There are a few different types of best that you can choose from when playing the 4D game. All these types are straightforward and easy to use. The game is entirely dependent on chance, so you have equal opportunities of winning from any kind you choose.


Straight Bet

As the name suggests, the straight bet is quite simple as you only need to list down the 4D numbers that are your best numbers and choose between big and small forecast. The next step for you would be to decide your bet amount and get your ticket.


Lucky Pick Bet

If you do not have any numbers in mind and want to avoid the task of choosing them, then simply pick the Lucky Pick bet. In this game, the computer automatically generates a 4D number for you. If your luck is with you, then these just might prove to be the winning numbers.

Make it a point to remember that the LP written in a small font right next to the generated number means that the ticket number is a Lucky Pick.


Roll Bet

A set of different numbers is produced by rolling the first number of the 4D numbers. Ten different sets can be created in this way; the main difference between all these figures will be their first digit. The second option is to roll the last digit of your 4D number. This will also generate a set of 10 different 4D numbers whose main difference will be the last number. The minimum amount that you can bet on a rolling bet is about RM10 as one roll bet is equal to 10 different chances, so the amount of the investment increases by the same number.


Permutation Bet

If you are looking to play a bet that covers all the permutations that can be formed with your chosen number, then you may want to play the permutation bet. A good example of playing this bet would be that if you want to bet on the number 2233, then your bet will also cover 2233, 2323, 2332, 3232, 3322, and 3223.

How many different permutations can be formed from a single number depends on the number of exclusive digits present in the 4D number. To break it down further:

  • If all four digits of your number are different like 5678, then 24 possible permutations can be formed with it and your minimum investment will be RM24.
  • When there are two same figures present in the number like 4423, the number of possible permutations is 12, which will require a minimum investment of RM12.
  • If two same pairs of numbers are present in your number like 5757, six different permutations can be formed and your minimum investment will be RM6.
  • When you have three same digits in your 4D number like 2221, then you will get four different permutations which will require an investment of RM4.


Winning with 4D

You may have noticed throughout the article that we had been mentioning big forecast and small forecast. To end your confusion between the two, we will now discuss the difference between them and what you will get when you win from either forecast.


Big Forecast

The big forecast gives a higher chance of winning the game, but the prize that you get will be comparatively small. There are five different categories that you can win from in the big forecast, and a total of 23 numbers will be chosen at random as the winners. Only one 4D number respectively will be allotted as the winning numbers of the first, second and third prize. You will need to make sure that your 4D number matches the numbers chosen for this purpose. The last two categories are the special prize and consolation prize, for which ten 4D numbers will be selected as the winners in each category. Your number must match at least one of the ten numbers in either category for you to be able to claim the prize.


Small Forecast

The prizes in this forecast are higher than the ones in the big forecast, but it is harder to win in this as there are only a few slots for the winners to fill. There are only three categories present in the small forecast: first, second and third prize. Each group will be allotted one winning number and for you to win, your 4D number must match the winning number.


Amount of Prize Money in the Two Forecasts

The prize money for the big forecast might not seem too significant when compared to that of the small forecast, but at least it gives you more chances to win. The distribution of the prize money is as follows:

Big Forecast

  1. First prize gets RM2,500
  2. Second prize gets RM1,000
  3. Third prize gets RM500
  4. Special prize gets RM180
  5. Consolation prize gets RM60

Small Forecast

  1. First prize gets RM3,500
  2. Second prize gets RM2,000
  3. Third prize gets RM1,000

Remember that the game is entirely dependent on chance, so do not be upset if you don’t win; you can try again later. Good luck and happy playing.


 Where To Claim Your Winnings?

RM60,000 & below181 daysAt any Magnum 4D outlet within Malaysia.
Prizes Up To RM2,000,000181 daysAt any Magnum 4D Regional Office within Malaysia*
RM2,000,000 & above181 daysAt Magnum 4D Bhd, 111, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur**

Note: 1) Prizes must be claimed within 181 days which is six months from the draw date.
2) Upon heading to claim prizes, please bring along I.C or passport with winning ticket

* No limits for titles claim at any of the 4D Regional offices.

** This is only applicable to Magnum 4D Jackpot prizes. Before heading towards Magnum 4D Berhad to claim your prizes, you are compulsory to make an appointment first. Thus, kindly call 603-2070 8668 between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) to make your appointment.