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Special Draw & Regular Draw dates:

*Please note that extra special draw for some company will happen though. We advice users to bookmark our page and check every week. We will update here frequently.

Magnum, 1+3D & TOTO Sports draw dates:
17/09/2017 (SUN)
20/09/2017 (WED)
23/09/2017 (SAT)
24/09/2017 (SUN)


Sabah 88 & Sandakan 4D upcoming special draws, will be updated weekly:
05-Sept-2017 (Tue) Sabah88 & Sandakan 4D
25-Sept-2017 (Tue) Sabah88 & Sandakan 4D


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There are 3 official authorized lottery organization situated in West Malaysia which is Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd,  Da Ma Cai and Sports TOTO, all games are accessible throughout the whole year where it will come to thrice a week. You can play the 4D and other number forecast game through the respective operators on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. These are called Draw Days in which they are accessible as standard playing days.


However, on specific events and in specific situations, the operator will hold a Special Draw which comes to each other week. Special Draws are often fall on Tuesdays of the specific week and it is accessible as and when the specific operator gets a unique endorsement from the Ministry.  Special Draws typically conduct amid events like Chinese New Year and most regularly amid the birthdays of Ruler and Sultans.


Special Draws are conducted same as standard draw days, however when there is a Special Draw day coming up, the ticket counters will allow members to participate 7 days before the Special Draw. The outcome of Special Draw will be conducted in the meantime of standard draw days  according to respective operators. Refer here for more information.


However, Special Draws are not conducted simultaneously by these three different operators, it will be best to check with the respective operators at their branches or visit our site to refer  upcoming Special Draws. BOOKMARK this page today and you won’t miss another Special Draw once more.