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If you are tired of thinking what numbers to buy or wanted to generate or predict your own lucky number then here is the right place for you. Whether it is for Magnum 4D, Toto 4D , 1+3D Da Ma Cai, Sandakan 4D and Sabah88 this is a suitable tool for you to get 4 digits of numbers to be bought for Jackpot or normal 4 digits betting.


How exactly you can win using 4D Prediction

Besides of generating your own lucky number, there are several ways that you can actually predict what number would be for the first prize. Believe it or not, let’s start with prediction via statistics.

How to predict 4D number and win


This is a modern and mathematical formula to predict what would be the upcoming numbers whether it is for magnum 4d prediction or other lottery companies. All you need to do is to calculate the frequency of the number drawn within a year and the number that you found which is drawn most frequently will be known as Hot Number. A hot number is 4 digits of number which is most likely to be drawn again due to it’s high frequency of drawn. The more frequent the number is drawn, the higher chances of the number will be drawn again in the future. 

4d3dtoto has a team which calculates the frequency of numbers drawn and we would like to share to everyone.


Top Ten Most Frequently Drawn Magnum 4D Numbers in 2017 for the past 6 months

4 Digits Results Number of times drawn
9051 4
6928 3
5094 3
0973 3
8573 3
8459 2
8383 2
7855 2
7653 2
7535 2


Top Ten Most Frequently Drawn Toto 4D Numbers in 2017 for the past 6 months

4 Digits Results Number of times drawn 
8090 4
1411 3
6095 3
6181 3
6873 3
1368 3
5772 3
8822 3
1177 3
7202 3


Top Ten Most Frequently Drawn 1+3D DMC Numbers in 2017 for the past 6 months

4 Digits Results Number of times drawn
4914 9
4942 8
5022 7
4911 6
4959 5
4960 4
4913 3
4824 2
4977 1

Now let’s move on to the next method!


4D numbers prediction with Buddhist monk

Does this sounds familiar to you? Did you ever heard that people actually asking for 4d numbers from Buddhist monk from temples and won the lottery prize? PLEASE do not ever do this, there a lot of people who disguise themselves as Buddhist monk and travelling around just to scam people. They will be telling you that they able to predict the first prize or Jackpot numbers, and you only need to give angpao (red packet) to them and  your dreams will come true. We advice everyone not to fall into this scam. 

Here is one example that you can read :


Lastly we hope everyone able to win either using our tools “Generate your lucky number” or with our recorded 4d statistic!